Top 10 Luxurious Restaurants For Special Occasions in Delhi NCR


Nothing feels better than having a special meal with your partner in an exotic ambience. Dream dates are impossible if luxurious restaurants don’t exist. It’s all about the ambience, atmosphere, and lavish meals that make a special occasion an unforgettable one. This is the reason, people always search for luxurious restaurants when they have to celebrate special occasions, including wedding anniversaries, special dates, family meetings, celebration parties, etc.

If you are looking for warm, exotic, and lavish restaurants in Delhi NCR that are nothing short of the epitome of fine dining and setting then look no further than our list of top 10.

  • Le Cirque: When it comes to exotic dishes, ultra-luxurious ambience, and authentic Italian cuisine then nothing stands in front of Le Cirque in the Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri.  The prominent restaurant of Manhattan is in the city at the Leela Hotel where you can find out lip-smacking, authentic, and exotic Italian as well as French dishes with an incredibly enchanting presentation by the finest chefs in the country. Some of it’s prominent and delectable dishes are Black Cod Paupiette, Osscetra Caviar, Crème Brulee, and many more. The meal for two is approximately Rs.5000/- depending upon the menu and portion. The timings are from 7 PM to 12 AM.


  • Orient Express: It is yet another 5-star restaurant showcasing the model of an iconic train Orient Express that used to travel across Europe in the 18th century. The train was operated till 2009 and now it has ended operations. However, you can rediscover the vibe of Orient Express in the restaurant nestled in the equally posh hotel Taj Palace, Diplomatic Enclave. It’s magical to sit and dine at this plush restaurant that has an exotic ambience and recreated the vibe of the iconic train. On top of that, you can relish equally exotic dishes such as the Beluga Caviar, Kobe Streak, ultra-premium wines, and much more. The cost for two will be around Rs. 8000 excluding taxes. The restaurant is open from 7 PM to 12 PM.


  • Sorrento: Sorrento is a beautiful town in Southern Italy that every ardent traveler wants to visit. However, if you can’t visit it right now then get it’s vibe and specialty in Sorrento restaurant in Sha’griLa’s Eros in the city. The restaurant is the epitome of beauty and elegance. It also offers some of the most premium Italian dishes with authentically raw ingredients imported from the country. The exotic restaurant is designed by StIckman Design, a leading Dubai-based décor company.  You can find a lot of organic and healthy green meals with salads, cheese, and toppings. The premium food lovers can enjoy Cicchetti, small platters, to relish bruschettas, and also enjoy the Neapolitan cuisine. The price for two will be around Rs. 3,500 excluding taxes and alcohol. It starts serving from  12.30 PM.


  • Tamra: It is yet another exotic restaurant that you can visit for special occasions. It’s also nestled in Shangri La’s Eros in Delhi. The meaning of Tamra is Copper, hence, the restaurant justifies it’s name by serving dishes in copper plates. The plates used retain records as the element doesn’t decay or rust over a time period. In fact, the interiors always reflect the copperish ambiance. The smile of the staff and ambiance are as fresh and sustainable as copper. You can find out copper pots, pans, rolling pins, etc. The restaurant serves South-East  Asian, European, and Indian food.  Some of it’s popular dishes and sections are Crab Sushi, Lamb Chops, Buffet, Dessert Counter, etc. The food connoisseurs can find out a versatile range of dishes, buffet, ala-carte menu, and seating options. The price for the two will be Rs. 4000 and it opens from 6.30 AM to 11.30 PM.


  • Artusi Ristorante: If you are a fan of Italian food and décor then this restaurant will transport you to Italy in no time. Once you enter it, you will be transported to the fascinated world of Italy through a beautiful usage of chandeliers, tiny exotic lights, an onyx dining table, an artistic wall décor inspired by Italian culture, and much more. When it comes to dishes then you will get authentic dishes from the Emilia Romagna region along with lip-smacking authentic pasta. Some of it’s popular dishes that one must try are Tiramisu and Shrimp cocktail, Paglia E Fieno, Ferro Salad, Ravioli, premium wines, etc. The cost for the two will be Rs. 2000 excluding taxes and liquor. The restaurant opens from 12 Noon to 11 PM.

Artusi Ristorante

  • Baluchi: Those who always crave pure Indian food with spices and herbs must visit Baluchi at the Lalit, New Delhi. It not only has authentic Indian food to serve but also exquisite décor, luxurious ambiance, and very courteous staff. Be it a dinner or lunch, the restaurant serves every dish with a lot of herbs, spices, creative presentations, and pure Indian flavors. Some of it’s popular dishes that one must try are Dal Balluchi, Fish Tikka, Pan Kulfi, White Mushroom Galouti, and many more. The cost for the two will be Rs. 4000 excluding taxes and liquor. The restaurant opens it’s gates at 7.30 AM and serves till 11.30 PM.


  • OKO: it’s an incredibly enchanting five-star pan Asian restaurant nestled in The Lalit, New Delhi. The restaurant is famous for it’s authentic Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisines. The restaurant is situated on the 28th floor and offers incredible views. With intricate South Asian décor and decorative objects, it gives you a feeling of grandeur and opulence right from the moment you enter it. You can find the twinkling lights all around with soothing Asian lounge music. The popular dishes that one can have here are Sushi, Teppanyaki, Sushiri, robata counters, California rolls, and Red Snapper. The cost for two will be around Rs. 4500 excluding taxes and alcohol. The restaurant opens at 12 Noon and serves till 11 PM.


  • The Spice Route: This restaurant will take you to the world of coastal regions décor and dishes. It is known for it’s pure coastal pan Asian delicacies right from the heart of the Malabar Coast in Kerala, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and  Vietnam.  You can find out a rich variety of coastal seafood, Thai, Malaysian, Kerala, and Sri Lankan food. Some of the popular dishes that the restaurant serves are Pad Thai, Curries, Meen Kodan Biryani, Wok-Fried Lobster, etc. The cost for the two is going to be Rs. 6000 excluding alcohol and taxes. The restaurant is open from 12.30 PM to 11 PM.

The Spice Route

  • Spicy Duck: If you are fond of Chinese food and want to have it in an ultra-luxurious restaurant then this restaurant is meant for you. It serves authentic Chinese dishes in a visually enticing ambiance. The interior of the restaurant is so magical that you will go weak in the knees right after entering it. Some of the popular dishes that you must check out are Ying Yang har Gao, Aromatic Duck Rolls, Chicken Tai Chin, etc. The cost for the two will be Rs. 4000 excluding alcohol and taxes. The restaurant opens at 7 PM.


  • Kiyan: Last but certainly not least, we have an exotic and elegant five-star restaurant nestled in the plush resort Roseate. You can find enchanting Isfahan columns all over and the restaurant is surrounded by water bodies to relax your mind and body instantly. The exotic restaurant not only has an incredibly beautiful setting and ambience, but also equally stunning dishes. It serves Mughlai, Thai, European, and Indian dishes. Some of the popular dishes that you can relish are Pomelo Salad, Wild Mushroom Soup, Galouti Kebab, Thai Curry, Thai Rice, etc. It is a perfect restaurant for romantic dates. The cost for the two will be Rs. 5500/- excluding alcohol and taxes. The restaurant is open from 7 AM to 11.30 PM.



If you are craving for one special date with your partner or planning a lavish family dinner then look no further than the above-mentioned restaurants. All of them have impressive dining ambiance, delectable special cuisines, exotic decor, and lavish services that can turn your special date/occasion into an unforgettable affair.

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