10 Amazing Dinner Ideas For New Year House Party


2021 is about to end and the world is going to welcome 2022 with new hopes, expectations, as well as goals. New Year’s Eve is the most special time when we look back at the old memories and get excited about making new ones. Everyone wants to bid goodbye to an old year with their loved ones and family in an entertaining and exciting way. That’s why people look for party places to have fun with friends and family members to forget the suffering of the year and welcome the new one with a bang and positivity.

However, this year will be slightly different due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Knowing the arrival of yet another corona variant, Omicron, the government has already made some stringent guidelines for restaurants and clubs in Delhi NCR. Hence, you may not enjoy it the way you used to before.

But that doesn’t mean to cancel on fun and excitement of New Year. One can also make the best out of the last day of the year by organizing a New Year Bash at home. And this is not possible without scrumptious food. House parties have become a big rage among people in the last couple of years. Without restrictions and guidelines, you can have fun with your family and friends as much as you want without worrying about time, etc. However, without delicious food, it’s impossible to have fun.


To make your New Year party extra special and thrilling, we have brought you some amazing dinner ideas that are perfect to end this year. These dinner ideas will amplify your New Year’s bash without even going out:

  • Roasted Chicken – This recipe is a complete meal in itself. The succulent meat with veggies stuffed in it is the best thing you can serve your guests. The Roasted Chicken requires a few hours to cook with lots of butter and veggies. Don’t forget to put it at the right temperature to maintain its juices. You can order chicken in a big quantity to serve and eat roasted chicken with sauces till the wee hours.


  • Onion Rings – One cannot say no to Onion Rings. You can serve them as a starter with drinks. The crispiness of this dish is just to die for. This recipe can be a great appetizer option for your bash. They are super simple to prepare and require minimal ingredients. However, ensure that you deep fry them in not-so-hot oil.


  • Mutton Biryani – Adding Mutton Biryani to New Year Eve Bash’s main course is a delightful idea. Everyone loves it even the kids. The juicy Mutton and nicely cooked Saffron Rice is the best combination. One should ponder upon cooking it with all the ingredients like good quality Mutton and rice. Also, don’t overcook the rice.


  • Potato Chops – This popular East Indian dinner recipe is loved by all. During winters, having Potato Chops is great for the body as well. This simple recipe requires only a few steps to prepare. You can make the Chops in advance and later fry them when the guests arrive. It can be served in front of your guests as a relishing side dish along with a couple of mocktails and cocktails.


  • Afghani Paneer – Do you love Paneer? Well, everyone does. If you are confused about your New Year Eve’s dinner then simply add Afghani Paneer to the menu. The tender paneer marinated in spices and creamy cashew paste is just mouth-watering. However, one should marinate the Paneer for a few hours and later leave it on tandoor to enjoy delightful flavors. It acts as a ‘chakna’ for ardent drinkers.


  • Mutton Stew – You surely don’t want your guests to miss on delectable Mutton Stew. Adding this recipe to the main course will leave your guests fully satisfied and will remember you for years. One must choose top-notch Mutton to prepare the dish. Since the recipe involves mild spices which is the reason one shouldn’t go overboard with them.


  • Prawn Tikka – This recipe is heaven for people who love spicy food. Preparing drool-worthy Prawn Tikka at home is the best thing you can do for your guests this New Year Party. It is infused with amazing masalas and along is juicy on the inside. But one should keep in mind that while preparing it you should clean the prawns properly. Otherwise, the dish may not taste good.


  • Cheesy Balls – Having some kids over during New Year Party? Well, you don’t want to disappoint them by not preparing Cheesy Balls. This snack is a favorite of adults as well and is super simple to prepare at home. All you need is some boiled potatoes, loads of cheese, and spices. Fry the balls in hot oil and they are ready to serve.


  • ShahiTukda – You surely don’t want to miss dessert. This Mughlai dish is a favorite of all and in restaurants it costs huge. But acing this recipe at home is no big deal. You simply need to fry the bread and dip it in condensed milk. Don’t forget to add some saffron to add richness to it and some nuts. ShahiTukda will be the star of your New Year Eve’s dinner.


  • GajarKaHalwa – Winters and New Year Bash is incomplete without GajarKaHalwa. Every Indian is in love with this dish. The goodness of carrots and gooiness of Khoya is just impeccable. Prepare it following simple rules and you will never go wrong with it. To enhance it’s flavors you can add some nuts and dried fruits on top.



New Year’s Eve is the best time to cherish old memories and be grateful for everything. So, if you are planning to have a house party this end of the year, the above-mentioned dinner ideas will be of great help. These recipes will amplify your New Year bash with your friends and family. After all, there’s no party without having delicious food.



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