About us


Someone has rightly said that the best way to connect with people is via food. No matter what culture or country one is from, or what kind of traveling path you choose, food has always been a great part of everyone’s lives.

Swadlajawab is a place where everyone who travels for food will be able to learn about delicacies of different places across the world. We have created a space for you where you will get to know about authentic and mouth-watering dishes from various places. Whether it’s a local dish or a dish from a high-end restaurant, each day you can learn and be part of this food community.

Why we started Swadlajawab?

The owner of Swadlajawab has always been fond of scrumptious food as well as traveling. Trying out new cuisines and experimenting with recipes is what he has always loved. So, while visiting a new restaurant he came up with the idea to share his food experience with a wider audience. This way people will get to know exactly what they want to eat and from where. Swadlajawab is all about providing authentic food information right from its preparation to its end. This is done via videos, pictures, blogs, etc. We strive to connect with our audience through the food we eat.

What do we do?

Swadlajawab is all about doing what one is passionate about and learning as well as rising in that passion. For us, that passion is food. Food that brings people close and forms an unbreakable bond. We aim to inspire our audience every day so that they can get out of their shell and follow their passion too. Swadlajawab is all about offering you:

  • Food recommendations– recommending food to people is not as easy as it may seem. Every person or community likes different food, cuisines, and has different preferences. Keeping everything in mind, we will offer you complete details of the food before recommending it, such as how it is prepared, how is preparing it, what are ingredients involved in it, and much more. Thus, after viewing and tasting the final dish, we will tell you how exactly it tastes and whether it is worthy of your money or not.
  • Review places or restaurants–not everyone can try out every new restaurant or place. This is where we come in. Our goal is to review the best places or restaurants so that your occasion turns out to be great. We will be telling you everything related to the place, its location, its ambiance, its staff, its hospitality, and the most important its food.

Moreover, this page will be covering every niche related to food such as delightful recipes, secret ingredients of every recipe, mind-blowing street food, and much more. We will take you on a journey of exploring new cuisines, understanding the food culture around the world, and learning more and more about it in various ways.

Swadlajawabis not just a page or blog. Our food adventures will take you on a food journey that you have never experienced.  Everythingwill be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So, stay tuned for the delicious updates.